This is from Quora and deliberately tongue in cheek . I hope .
I sat there with my mouth slowly falling open as I read .
Fortunately I dress well and cannot conceive of having garments as old as mentioned in this piece .And my toiletries are not cheap stinkeroo .

Mould is the most common odour many senior citizens have despite good hygiene. Musty is another word that fits.

I’m proud to answer your question as Quora’s ‘top smelly old person.’

I won this title after an exhaustive race between all the senior citizens who write here. Well….I was the ONLY senior running, but still…….

Many seniors like me wear clothes that are 30–40 years old. Rich seniors buy new clothes in department stores. Seniors like me buy our clothes at Goodwill, Value Village, or we order them from Omar the tent maker’ on Amazon.

Many seniors(me) have health issues. My body is numb in certain areas.

Our briefs(diapers) might overflow and poop will run down our legs. Our shit stinks. Many with urinary drainage bags forget to check them. Urine runs down our legs.

Seniors with money smell great. They can afford deodorant. Seniors like me have smelly armpits.

Ever been in a morgue? I have.

Many of us smell like dead people.

This dying man still has a sense of humor.

It’s tough getting a date when every woman I approach suddenly puts on a mask.

Have I answered your question?