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Thread: Theresa May and Merkel stitched the whole thing up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher View Post

    I am getting increasingly itchy.
    Don't, chill a bit, it's a massive systemic problem. It requires a massive systemic fix.

    From what I can tell, from previous snippets of information I saw along the way, the work to turn this situation around has been long in the planning. Certainly a full on mission since JFK was popped.

    Part of that plan, I'm perfectly sure, is to give the 'crooks' the rope to hang themselves with. They are, even now, completing the cases against themselves, with their actions.

    "How long does one sensibly wait for repayments before re-possessing or foreclosing ?", is, in the context of the above, the wrong question.

    It's the wrong analogy, Trump is not the one in the frame, the 'crooks' are. A better question would be "How long does one sensibly put up with nobbled "fixes" to the world's problems".

    We each have a huge responsibility to keep a grip on our own energetic contribution to all this. I posted the mirror in the other thread for you to take a look in.

    I read from your posts that you have some kind of personal struggle going on with your faith in yourself. From part of your posting it looks like you have one foot in and one foot out. The 'out' foot got captured and mangled by one of the external faith corruption systems out there. Well, good for you. You've identified a fake. Now let it go, and move on. Faith is perfectly real and natural. Yours has been screwed with, by the looks of things. Hey, so has mine, and most people's.

    This whole intellectual bubble we all live in is a construct put together by the very people we are up against. Our intellectual egos lock us in to playing by their rules, and losing.

    Even doctoral level research, fails us. It's all after-the-fact. It's really more like mental librarianship than systemic problem solving. On one level, I have a huge respect for researchers like Joseph Farrell ( for example ) but his 'methods' will never catch a crook red handed. Something entirely different is required, to jump to the next level and do that.
    "Governments lie so systematically and cover their arses so tight they have to forever shit through their mouths"

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    Gotcha Norman . Gotcha you out of hibernation .
    The best post I have seen here and many cuts above the gibberish they churn out in the monkey house next door .

    We are in considerable agreement and I happily admit to the faith I have invested in a great deal of Farrell' s scholarship in determining modern European and north American history .
    I also strongly recommend the dishes served by James Corbett , if you are not already a follower . His work is open , unsponsored and his approach is very thorough . Probably a monk with a pen in a previous incarnation .

    I must admit to dramatising my apparent faith crisis here . I am in no crisis --- I know exactly what I believe and why I do . I also am adaptable and can modify opinions and attitudes in line with new incoming data -- something which next door completely fails to do .

    But I do privately worry about source information and its reliability . In summary , how do we choose information which will later be used to say , I know something , as distinct from , I believe .

    I also worry about how best to carry out a revolution .
    Keeping a long narrative very short , I only believe violence leads to successful re-birth . I cannot think of any tilt moments which have occurred via non violent action . My feeling is that Trump is not draining the swamp because of the fear of huge Civil action , even a Civil War . In my world view that is a serious mistake .

    But I do not obsess about it . I can just about do a Doris Day and be content with Que Sera , Sera .

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