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Thread: What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #200

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    What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #200

    " by Mark Passio

    Date: 2019-02-24

    Topics: Mark's personal recap of the Anarchapulco 2019 Conference, Mark ranting on the pure evil and immorality of ALL Order-Followers, the Unconsciousness of the people of Earth, Bad Parenting, the Garbage-In-Garbage-Out Mindset, how most "Anarchists" lack the understanding of Natural Law and the true causal factors of Human Slavery, the critical importance of the Self-Defense Principle, "There Is Nothing 'New' Under The Sun," Psychological and Spiritual Healing, Intentions vs. Actions, Anarchists vs. New Agers, the power of Money as a World-Wide Religion, IGNORE-ance vs. Nescience, the effect of Mark's work upon the Consciousness of those who have found it, Holistic Understanding and Solutions, Anarchadelphia (an event coming to Philadelphia), Order-Followers must OWN their actions as acts of their OWN Free Will and be SHAMED by others for CHOOSING doing them, the Buddhist teaching of Right Livelihood, what it means to be a TRULY GOOD person vs. the average PERCEPTION of what a "good person" is, the IMPOSSIBILITY for Government to care for or protect ANYONE, the difficulty in putting in the necessary Time and attention to do the Great Work, the Kybalion and other Occult teachings and their connection to the Trivium and Quadrivium."

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