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Thread: Update March 8th 2019 Casbolt Tall Whites Urwin

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    Update March 8th 2019 Casbolt Tall Whites Urwin

    "Published on Mar 8, 2019 by Miles Johnston

    The Tall Whites have been revealed as "not good", worse thanj the Reptilians we are told.
    James Casbolts unannounced return to HMP Erlestoke Devizes, sheds doubt he will ever be released. His 2 faced "Friend Urwin" now discovered to be a ring leader of the attacks against myself, was trained by a Tall White Officer in 1957.. the so called pale skinned British Officer...
    The Tall Whites agenda matches that of many of the so called "ET" races, all parasiting on humanity, for enslaving humanity to create their 3D 'kingdoms', at our collective expense.

    The Bases Project is about just the opposite, to enable and execute the ciomplete clean up of the planet (ITS Purge Sequence 0), and enable humanity's true role as 12 D beings.

    No wonder their is the plot to kill Miles, seemingly by Mr Urwin and his friends... true or bogus will decide"

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    Stories like this are wonderful and remind me of the days when Elvis was seen on the moon and ' Freddie Starr ate my hamster live '.

    Casbolts is a known nasty piece of work but where and how do Urwin , Johnson and others appear from ?
    How are they earning money from this nonsense -- always a prime motivation ?

    I love Miles J. on first viewing . He is one of a long line of great eccentrics who gives every appearance of harmless pleasantness until you start listening to what they say .
    He reminds me of my dearest Aunt Mabel and her legendary relationships with fruit cakes .
    Next episode please and can I join ?

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