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Thread: BREXIT CLASH: Jacob Rees-Mogg grills Guy Verhofstadt on Irish border and EU approach (June 2018)

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    BREXIT CLASH: Jacob Rees-Mogg grills Guy Verhofstadt on Irish border and EU approach (June 2018)

    "Published on Feb 10, 2019 by ProductiehuisEU

    The Irish border remains a sticking point in Brexit. It was not only one of the sticking points when UK Prime Minister Theresa May met Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, last Friday.

    The border also led to a row that took place when Jacob Rees-Mogg grilled EU's Verhofstadt in Brexit clash at a hearing of the Commons Brexit committee, in June 2018.

    Guy Verhofstadt was giving evidence in his role as European Parliament Brexit coordinator.

    This video has the full session.

    Mr Verhofstadt insisted that there could be no compromise on the land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland because of EU rules.

    But Mr Rees-Mogg told him: "It is a rules-based system when it suits the EU and amazingly flexible when it doesn't.

    "The EU makes rules and it can make rules to suit circumstances if it chooses to, but by a voluntary decision it is choosing to say that its rules are sacrosanct, when in other areas it is much more flexible."

    "The difficulty of this negotiation is a little bit the lack of recognition from one side that this is a rules-based system and that we can't invent a relationship or partnership that goes against those rules."

    Mr Verhofstadt said the Government's position that the backstop of continuing UK alignment with the EU customs union would cease by the end of 2021 if no other solution was found left him "puzzled".

    Jacob Rees-Mogg's intervention starts at 02:15:25"

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