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Thread: Meet Mrs. GOD & Why is She Missing?

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    Meet Mrs. GOD & Why is She Missing?

    "Streamed live 5 hours ago by R Wayne Steiger

    Well what do we have here GOD married why was this fact hidden and then the translators of the bible attempted to edited her out of the bible and what was missed was replaced with she is a "demon".

    I propose that they controllers invented the myth of Lilith as she is known today and that it was Lilith who was married to Yahweh and her name has been changed and altered many times throughout history and today she is known by Asherah and many other names most being demonized.

    Join me as we cover rare documents all pointing to a crime of the Ages, did GOD murder his wife?"

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    If Yahweh was Anunnaki , for example , he might well have committed all sorts of 'naughty ' crimes . In that sort of narrative he is only a local God in a limited time band and with a big influence on the Israelite tribe .
    However , it is anybodies guess as to how and where he fitted into the bigger picture .
    That is , in the infinitely greater cosmos as distinct from our soppy little outpost .

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