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Thread: Transpicuous Views Dani & Ann, Dec 1 2018

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    Transpicuous Views Dani & Ann, Dec 1 2018

    "Published on Dec 2, 2018 by RemovingtheShackles

    Yesterday evening Ann Callaghan and I had another impromptu discussion that led into the topics of the "Mud Floods", "geomagnetic" and purported "solar" events, and the concept that we are on the verge of another "Reset". I will put as many of the links to what we discuss during this video in the archive article

    Another piece of the puzzle? CERNs last day of the lead particle smashing is Dec 3rd. The two dates that seem to be coming up over and over again in the past few weeks are Dec 3 and Dec 5th. Just announced after George Bush's "death" (lol), Trump has called for a "National Day of Mourning" Dec 5th- everything will be shut down including the NY Stock leaders will be attending the State Funeral, yet no specific date has been announced yet!!!! VERY STRANGE my friends!"

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