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Thread: The Written Words V The Primary Senses

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    The Written Words V The Primary Senses

    I find written text to be a struggle that subtracts from my fluency. I've been an audio orientated person all my life. Video isn't really all that important to me except for the times that there are specific things to examine visually. The use of visual accompaniments to an audio narrative, I find, subtractive and or distractive.

    Youtube videos that are really only radio gatecrashing the video format to exploit the high visibility of youtube are a thing I'm often exasperated by. I wish there was a high profile web service for audio. Then people wouldn't have to make videos out of their audio material and I wouldn't have to convert it back to audio again at my end.

    I much prefer to listen. It's my sweet spot for absorption of information and for aesthetic pleasures. It's my most finely tuned and structurally understood sense, and the least likely to be deceived.

    I won't knock the practise of converting real life to text and attempting to convert it back again, but it's not my cup of tea. I'm quite excited about the possibility that newer technologies can give the species an opportunity to bybass such a clunky process and keep things very much up close and tight within the primary senses that evolved for a very long time for that very purpose.

    The period of TEXT is really only a short blip in the greater story. It's value as a solid sculptural record is a bit more substantially proven to be of timeless worth, but it's use as a popular medium of expression never really caught on because it didn't tick enough of the right boxes for such a medium. It was actually very divisive. There were those that read a lot, and there were those that didn't, and an expanding gap between them that may narrow again with the appearance of post TEXT technologies.
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    I really appreciate your thoughts on this subject and would agree with you. The human species is a storytelling one and our oral traditions have a longer genetic presence than written. Also, campfires often were of limited light so the visual did not play as much of a role as the aural. Text is a poor communication device, just better than not having it at all.
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