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Thread: LSD Brain Scan Reveals Stunning Info

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    LSD Brain Scan Reveals Stunning Info

    "Published on Apr 12, 2016 by TheLipTV

    LSD has been found to connect regions of the brain that were previously segregated to one another according to a new brain scan study.Test subjects were injected with LSD which unleashed a wave of changes altering activity and connectivity across the brain. At the same time regions of the brain that usually form a network became separated creating “ego dissolution”, a loss of personal identity. Using three different brain imaging techniques, named arterial spin labelling, resting state MRI and magnetoencephalography, the scientists measured blood flow, functional connections within and between brain networks, and brain waves in the volunteers on and off the drug. They concluded that LSD created a far more unified brain which strengthened connections between vision, attention, movement and hearing. Watch as Jo Ankier and Margaret J. Howell examine the brain scans and LSD study on the Lip News."

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