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Thread: Bruce Lipton and Jason Liosatos Speak Outside The Box

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    Bruce Lipton and Jason Liosatos Speak Outside The Box

    "Published on Oct 5, 2016 by Jason Liosatos Outside The Box

    My great talk with Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and advocate for truth, peace and harmony. We discuss this exciting time for humanity, and that each one of us is a great and powerful part of the change we wish to see, and that by changing the environment around our societies we change everything, like the cells in and around a body...We talk about creating new, healthy, harmonious systems, and the great revolution of consciousness, as we re member we are all the midwives of a great new world which is possible if we re member and re empower ourselves enough to manifest it... We also discuss depression, disharmony and stress being a natural symptom from a healthy body and mind in a system which is exhausting it, and driving it mad..."

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