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Thread: Alexis Jay's failing paedo enquiry: journo Mark Watts on Harvey Proctor Cliff Richard & Cyril Smith

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    Alexis Jay's failing paedo enquiry: journo Mark Watts on Harvey Proctor Cliff Richard & Cyril Smith

    "Published on May 13, 2018 by PublicEnquiry

    Interview with investigative journalist Mark Watts
    - Cliff Richard and Harvey Proctor are trying, through the courts to stop reporting of police raids on rich people using new data protection and privacy laws

    - latest developments in the national child sexual abuse enquiry not looking good - people being 're-traumatised by going to the police and making statements about being sexually abused

    - Paedophile North Wales police superintendent Gordon Anglesea sued the media successfully for £375,000 even though he was a paedophile - Media firms forced to pay Gordon Anglesea £375k in libel damages tell of 'bitter sweet' moment he was convicted as paedophile - The North Wales Police ex-superintendent sued several publications, including the Independent and Private Eye, over allegations made about him - one of his victims committed suicide because he had been accused of lying for compensation money

    - Home Office running the enquiry but they are suspects that should be being investigated Child Sexual Abuse investigative journalist Mark Watts
    - Mark Watts most recent article: Cyril Smith, Rochdale and a lot of startling disclosures to CSA inquiry ignored by media - You might not care about striking lawyers – but you should

    - Gaby Hinsliff: We are already seeing the dreadful effects of legal underfunding, as people are forced to defend themselves with only the vaguest idea of what they’re doing - Barristers prepare to escalate protests over legal aid row

    - 'Spycops' Undercover policing inquiry will not deliver final report before 2023: Inquiry into infiltration of more than 1,000 political groups since 1968 was due to end this year"

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