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Thread: Stop the Rush to War: Don't Bomb Syria

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    Stop the Rush to War: Don't Bomb Syria

    "Newsletter - 13 April 2018 from

    Join protests across the country - Don't bomb Syria

    The situation over Syria is incredibly dangerous, but there is massive opposition to the planned military intervention, with just 22 per cent of respondents in a YouGov poll saying they would support airstrikes on Syria. However, completely unrepresentative rulers of the world are determined to go to war.

    The BBC has reported that Britain is planning a "genuinely joint" response with the US and France, rather than just a supporting role in the airstrikes on Syria. Russian officials have warned that a direct military clash between the great powers is now possible.

    More bombing is a recipe for continuous war, which would prolong the agony of the Syrian people. Britain should be supporting efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution of this terrible conflict, rather than risk causing a catastrophic war with Russia.

    We are urging groups to organise protests. Protests are taking place today and in the next few days in Bangor, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster, Edinburgh, Exeter, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Sheffield and Swansea, and street stalls are taking place in many other places.

    In London we will be protesting today from 5pm at Downing Street when a letter will be handed-in to the Prime Minister urging her to pull back from the brink.
    We are also planning a second protest on Parliament Square at 5.30pm on Monday, which is when Parliament returns.

    Protest when Parliament reconvenes
    Stop the rush to war: Don't bomb Syria
    Monday 16 April | 5.30pm-7pm or possibly longer
    Parliament Square

    Speakers will include:
    Brian Eno, musician and Stop the War President
    Lindsey German, Stop the War convenor
    Lloyd Russell-Moyles MP
    Bruce Kent, CND Vice President
    Francesca Martinez, comedian, author and actress
    Please do the following everywhere as a matter of urgency:

    1) Lobby your MP to oppose military action using our lobbying tool and please share it far and wide. We have already had over 8000 people use the lobbying tool asking their MP to oppose UK participation in the attack on Syria. Please also start lobbying MPs surgeries. We urge individuals and delegations of people to make appointments to see them and to engage them in respectful dialogue. Even many Tory MPs are opposed to more military intervention and many others are uncertain about it.

    2) Please organise street petitioning, stalls and protests. You can download the petition here: ".

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    "Governments lie so systematically and cover their arses so tight they have to forever shit through their mouths"

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