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Thread: MindWars and the Temple of Set with Michael A. Aquino

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    MindWars and the Temple of Set with Michael A. Aquino

    "Published on Mar 6, 2015 by TheLipTV

    Government MindWar, PSYOPS, illuminati, occult ritual, and the objective universe is explored with Michael A. Aquino, who discusses the beliefs of the Temple of Set with Sean Stone. The Church of Satan, free will, splitting from Judeo-Christian mythology, and how the CIA failed with MK Ultra is clarified. Ancient Egypt, religion, how reality is manipulated by those in power--plus what the public tends to get wrong about Satanism, Setian belief, and black magick is clarified. The place of natural law in the modern world, influence of John Dee on the British Empire, discoveries at the Wewelsberg Castle, and the atheistic inheritance of America as an imperial power is also discussed in a fascinating, uncensored Buzzsaw conversation.

    Former US Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Aquino was the first officially recognized Satanic Chaplain of the United States Army. In 1975, Aquino and his wife Lilith resigned from the Church of Satan and established their own group, the Temple of Set, founded as a church and incorporated as a non-profit organization with both federal and tax-exempt status. He is the author of "The Coming Forth by Night" and publishes a newsletter, "The Scroll of Set.""

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