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Thread: Jane Roberts - Seth On The Inner Senses, What They Are And How To Use Them

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    Jane Roberts - Seth On The Inner Senses, What They Are And How To Use Them

    "Apr 28, 2020 by Brian Scott

    “First, you must try to understand the nature of reality. To some small extent I have begun to explain this in the Seth Material. The five hundred and some-odd sessions we have barely represent an outline, but they are enough to start with. The ideas, in themselves, will make you think. I have told you that there are Inner Senses as well as physical ones. These will enable you to perceive reality as it exists independently of the physical world. You must learn to recognize, develop, and use these Inner Senses.

    The methods are given in the material. But you cannot utilize the material until you understand it. “The material itself is—if you’ll forgive the term—cleverly executed; so that as you grapple to understand it, you are already beginning to use abilities beyond those that you take for granted. “You must, first of all, cease identifying yourself completely with your ego, and realize that you can perceive more than your ego perceives. You must demand more of yourself than you ever have before. The material is not for those who would deceive themselves with pretty, packaged, ribboned truths that are parceled out and cut apart so that you can digest them. That sort of material serves a need, but our material demands that you intellectually and intuitively expand.”

    “Pretend that you hold a flashlight, and the flashlight is consciousness. You can turn this light in many directions, but instead you are in the habit of directing it along one certain path, and you have forgotten that there are other paths. “All you have to do is swing the flashlight in other directions. When you shift it, the path upon which you have been focusing will momentarily appear dark, but other realities and images will become available to you, and there is nothing to prevent you from swinging the flashlight back to the earlier position.” Seth has used several analogies to explain this point. He said in another class session: “You have more than one conscious mind. We want you to change the channels of your awareness. … If you consider the conscious mind that you usually use as one door, then you stand at the threshold of this mind and look out into physical reality. But there are other doors … you have other conscious selves."

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