"Mar 19, 2020 by Miles's Bases Project

I'ts not just Static, and Electromegnetic fields , 4G and 5G microwave frequencies that are deliberately being used to attack us and cause us ill health and biological injury, from our Broadcast and communications Industries. Regulated and approved by OFCOM and the IEE and International Telecommunications Union.

Remember all these toxic killing frequencies are APPROVED by these bodies. They KNOW they are Toxic and KNOW they will Kill You.

Now we have found Pulsed Magnetic Fields cause us as much harm.

This simple device goes someway to counter act these effects, and can be made at home.

This is a first for the Orgone Bubble Project, and once again electrical engineer Bill Tiesing gives this practical solution.

The ingredients are:-

Ecopoxy, Real Salt, diatomaceous earth, graphite powder, iron oxide powder, aluminum flakes, bronze shavings, copper pieces, silver leaf, copper leaf, gold leaf, activated charcoal powder, crystals, pemf coil, mp3 player playing 33HZ square wave at 1% duty cycle"