"Mar 15, 2017 by WILTY? Nope!

Compilation 2.
00:10 - I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me while I was bouncing on a trampoline, and spotted her over the fence with another man.
03:24 - This is my wallmap of the UK. I have marked every service station I have ever visited on it.
06:56 - Lee Mack and Mackenzie Crook’s Orchidometer. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNqY4...)
08:36 - Last Christmas Eve, my wife asked me to pop out and get four to five lemons and eight or nine limes. Unfortunately I misheard her, and came back with forty-five lemons and eighty-nine limes.
11:44 - When I was seven, I had to be a bridesmaid at my auntie's wedding, as one of the girls who was supposed to do it was ill and the dress was a perfect fit.
15:46 - I once took my trunks off in the communal area of a ladies' changing room after getting out of a pool and misreading the signs through my foggy goggles.
21:00 - This is Steve and we once went camping together when we were in the Scouts and we woke up to find that someone had stolen our tent.
24:21 - One Saturday morning, I lay on my back in the garden and pretended I'd fallen off a ladder so I could get out of a family trip to Ikea.
29:50 - On the first day of my holiday, I lost my glasses, so I was forced to read an entire book through a set of binoculars I found in the villa.
34:21 - This is Marie. She once asked me to pop into her house to get rid of a spider. Ten minutes later, she asked me to leave because I was making matters worse.
40:50 - Lee Mack is not going out."