"Feb 2, 2020 by Timeline

A new sovereign can revive a royal family or be its kiss of death. So will the controversial successor to Queen Elizabeth II spell the end of Britain’s thousand-year monarchy?

This film looks at the shaky future of the House of Windsor, once the beloved Queen passes the crown to her son Charles. The aging and opinionated Prince of Wales is not widely loved in Britain or abroad. The public still resent his treatment of Lady Diana, his adulterous relationship with Camilla, now destined to be Queen, and his relentless meddling in politics. “An overtly political king”, says British columnist Johann Hari, “will be death for the monarchy.” Many agree and look to Charles’ older son Prince William. But “Wills” is a reluctant Royal, still haunted by the brutal demise of his glamorous mother Diana. His brother, Prince Harry, is best known for an unflattering series of public scandals.

This documentary chronicles the storm gathering over the House of Windsor and asks the once unthinkable question: Will the monarchy still be around after Elizabeth?"