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Thread: The Time of Lilith, CAIN, Lamech, Giants, Leviathan and Cataclysm

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    The Time of Lilith, CAIN, Lamech, Giants, Leviathan and Cataclysm

    "Streamed live 7 hours ago by R Wayne Steiger

    Our past is the most fantastic and Far Out reality than most can imagine. The stories of creatures called Leviathans, Giants, Post Cataclysm and the emergence of Man who once again finds humanity struggling to survive in a world unimaginable and a world that only exists in books and our imaginations. What is even more fascinating is the fact that there were actual living creatures known as "DRAGONS" and there is evidence they never died or were made extinct.

    They are merely hibernating in a deep sleep awaiting to be awaken when the Earth sends the signal and when they awake woe unto all Living Creatures.

    Our text today is the book called THE BOOK OF LAMECH OF CAIN. This is book is claimed to be from the secret vaults of the Vatican archives. What is most interesting about this book is its relationship to one that is from the same author Lamech Liber Lilith and the correlations are outstanding.

    We will be reading from:
    The book of Lamech of Cain
    The original book The Adam & Eve story all 120 pages - PDF
    The Adam & Eve Story CIA PDF"

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