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Thread: Stanley Kubrick: The True Story Of The Genius Movie Director

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    Stanley Kubrick: The True Story Of The Genius Movie Director

    "Mar 4, 2019 by Screen Rant

    From A Clockwork Orange to Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick has created some of the most iconic films in Hollywood history! Subscribe to our channel:

    In our modern world -- an average day may consist of Facetiming family and friends, playing games online, or asking Alexa to complete a task for us. These tasks have only became a part of our lives in the last decade or so -- but they were envisioned and shown on-screen way back in 1968 -- all thanks to the mind and visionary talents of the iconic Stanley Kubrick and his film “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

    Of course, “2001” was just one of many films Kubrick made in his illustrious career. He was a filmmaker who broke the mold, followed his own rules, and was always looking for a new path to take as he planned his next film. If you thought his movies were complicated, deep, and full of meaning -- then just imagine what the whole production was like. From page one and all the way until the final cut, Kubrick was all-in -- and a man often described as a perfectionist and control freak -- all in a positive way.

    Take a dive into the life, career, of one of the most brilliant minds in Hollywood -- as we uncover his process and all of the hidden meanings and messages he has inserted into his movies."

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