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Thread: The Pleiadian Prophecy - Matt Kahn

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    The Pleiadian Prophecy - Matt Kahn

    "Matt Kahn All For Love

    Wow, the energy was powerfully palpable at the gathering this night! We've never had so many technology anomalies while producing a video. We only adjusted the overall brightness of the video because the room was so dark and there was limited light. It's interesting how often the lighting, color, and contrast all fluctuate during this hour. And, for those of you who are used to watching our videos, coming to the retreats, or listening to our radio show -- you will surely also notice the distinctive changes of quality in Matt's voice that you don't usually hear.

    Please go out of your way to watch this video in its entirety just like you are at the event live with us. Here, Matt bridges the gap between the mystical realms and the direct path of awakening to introduce a new multi-dimensional paradigm of spiritual evolution that is rooted in an open loving heart.

    Matt shares the newest download of information he received from the Universe. He addresses "cosmic homesickness," the wisdom of the ages from Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt, the root of the human ego, and how time doesn't actually exist. This is a talk he calls "the history of consciousness.""

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