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Thread: How Close is Science to Understanding Consciousness?

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    How Close is Science to Understanding Consciousness?

    "Published on Nov 14, 2015 by scienceandnonduality

    Fascinating conversation with Stuart Hameroff, Julia Mossbridge, Henry Stapp and Chris Fields, Donald Hoffman facilitated by A.H. Almaas

    Four different scientists with varying views of consciousness or mind. This panel will be a conversation between these different views to understand their contributions, and to see how they understand each other, and how they relate to other theories of consciousness.

    The point is to have a genuine deep dialogue between scientific theories of consciousness to find commonalities, and the meaning of the differences. We will explore whether scientific theories have a consensus about anything relating to consciousness, like an operating definition of consciousness.

    I will be facilitating with an eye from the nondual view of consciousness, to ask questions and address issues in the study of consciousness that can help in looking deeper into the assumptions and conclusions of each theory."

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