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Thread: Transpicuous Views with Alan James

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    Transpicuous Views with Alan James

    "Published on Aug 8, 2019 by RemovingtheShackles

    Last night I had Alan James on with us live, and we had a great conversation about a ton of topics. Alan's opening commends about beliefs and having a "fluid belief system" really hit home, and I highly recommend watching his videos on this topic (article below). Alan spent quite some time discussion the Manna World Trust, and Thomas Williams' work- whom he's known for 3 years. This gets into some deep "woo woo" but also the current financial disaster raging throughout the planet. Lots of videos and articles listed in the link below for people to dig deeper into this information. "

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    So, the above video opened a door to a narrative I was unaware of. I am getting a bit more data on this to be aware of another conversation being had, quietly. As an observer and data gatherer, I only require personal interest and a narrative that has some plausibility. With that said, if the above video was of interest, the following one is an expansion of the topic. For what it is worth.

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