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Thread: The Clarity of mind, of Catherine Austin Fitts

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    The Clarity of mind, of Catherine Austin Fitts

    I've been away and very busy for 2 months so I'm only catching up with a few things right now. This conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts blew my socks off. She's always good, but this one is exceptional for her clarity of mind all across the full spectrum of issues in the world right now.

    [File under essential listening]

    Streamed live on 21 Jun 2019


    Dark Journalist welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts to outline the new Goverment Accounting Practice called FASAB 56 that allows their agenices to hide transactions and take the entire Federal Budget Black.

    Fitts shows that the Missing Trillions research she has done with Professor Skidmore of Michigan State University that revealed 21 Trillion missing from the Department of Defense and H.U.D., has triggered the covert elements inside the Goverment to push FASAB 56 which was passed by a bi-partisan vote between the Trump administration and Congress ( while the world was watching the Brett Kavanaugh drama ).
    "Governments lie so systematically and cover their arses so tight they have to forever shit through their mouths"

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