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Thread: Auditory Hallucinations Why Humans Have Them

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    Auditory Hallucinations Why Humans Have Them

    "Streamed live 2 hours ago by R Wayne Steiger

    Auditory Hallucinations hard to accept that we all suffer from this very common self delusion and it has served Mankind very well most likely it is what helped us survive as a species. So why is this so controversial of a subject, why is it that all religions reject this out right and will not even acknowledge the subject and for the academics it has been rebuffed for many decades since it was first postulated by Julian Jaynes in Gods, Voices and the Bicameral Mind.

    So when a person prays, what is that person actually doing, when a person meditates what is that person endeavoring to do and what about those who say they hear from GOD or other outside Voices, what is really going on with this instinctive action?

    Could it be nothing more than a hallucination and nothing more? Can it be believed that a person actually heard from a Spirit that apparently cannot breath but can speak in an audible physical voice? How did ancient Man learn to speak, to form a language, was this gradual or was it suddenly? "

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