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Thread: Bases at UfoMegacon Lleyn Moss

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    Bases at UfoMegacon Lleyn Moss

    "Published on Apr 14, 2019 by Miles Johnston

    Meeting an ordinary member of the public with her story, this is Lleyn's witness statement and experience, her note to me follows:-

    I Mentioned - I have My Own JFK Info - Current Stats on where he is, who he is & what Etheric, LightCouncil he's on - regarding the Planet's Future

    He came to me - Unexpectedly - working w/
    My Regressionist - on IP Souls - which I M - InterplanetarySoul
    (Book:"Souls on Earth" by Dr. Linda Backman)

    I have this on my phone & can let U listen to this clip! JFK - is not a High Member of This Council - just a RegularCouncil Bloak - trying to do the Best for Humanity & the Universe!

    My Former Life - in the Theatre
    Medieval Women's Issues WriterMy 1967

    Former Miss America Entry
    My Extensive Nationa/International Animal Rights ActivismThen - Boom!
    In Phila. - at the Age of 30 - My Life Awakened into the Mantid Reality - when they Visited Me in My Grandfather'sHouse - Two Tall, Dark Mantids - Wearing Sugarras - Ancient Egyptian Ascension Helmets --- & this is Exactly What My Preference Became - To Ascend

    I started speaking Mantid
    My Water from the Tap - Ran Lavender & Still Does - to This Day

    White Pulsating Light surrounded the Corners of My Mouth

    My Eating & Liquid Intake narrowed to 6 Days/Week - while traversing America!I spent Most Days - in Deep Meditation & Prayer - as the Anchorites of the Middle Ages

    I Endeavored to Achieve StigmataWrote about these Experiences in Newspapers & Magazines of the 90'sAppeared on Radio Shows - offering Clairvoyant, Audient, & Sentient Readings

    Then in 2016 - found myself on a Craft w/These Mantids & My Kitty!In 2018 - upon the Passing of This Beloved Kitty - was visited by a "LACE" Being!Just b'4 This Conference - found Myself inside the Consciousness of a Green w/Blue Corrigated Grey Being!

    I have been inside the Consciousness of Many Beings - Tryassuraus RexA Blade of GrassDirtI relate All of These Experiences, Miles - to Spiritual Social Justice!Indeed - I assisted

    My Attorney Brother - in the Writing of His Brief B'4 His 2nd Presentation B'4 the US SupremeCourtJFK

    I M Involved in Sharing the Message of the Dangers, Collusion, Corruption of Vaccines - w/My Physician Brother -who speaks b'4 Senate Committees, the CDC, Orthodox Rabbis ...I Hold Close to My Heart - Miles - Robert Kennedy's - "Mindless Menace of Violence" Speech:'The Worst Kind of Violence is the Violence of Indifference, Inaction, & Decay'!& JFK's -"Where U See a Wrong -Try to Write It"!I have met with:Edgar Cayce's Son - Hugh Lynn Cayce Anne Frank's Only Surviving Relative

    Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross - "On Death & Dying"My Own Family's Cadre of History Makers is Vast!

    Miles of What I Wish to Expose To Others
    Time Is Running Short on Earth - going in the Direction We R & There R Those of Us w/Answers, Experiences - ThatCan Offer Hope to Millions - Because We Have Gone B'4 Them & Lived In the DeepTrenches, In the Recesses of Humanity - Where the Corners R Dark & Found Our Way Back to the Light

    We R Avatars, Way•Showers, Teachers
    Thank U - Miles - for This Golden Opportunity - to Share - as They Say in AA:My Experience, Strength & Hope...!& As They Also Say:
    "Don't Give Up - B'4 Ur Miracle Happens""

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