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    Greetings and Salutations,

    and welcome to Eye-Rise News!

    As you've probably already noticed, Eye-Rise has a different vibe from most spaces concerned with Alternative News. Our color scheme is designed to be pleasing to the eye and to highlight our fundamental goal, which is peaceful communications, among a population well known for our boisterous contentiousness! For those who are already familiar with the Awake and Aware Community, then the content of the site should be of interest and also of value in the furthering of the collective human awakening!

    Eye-Rise strives to be different. We intend upon highlighting the collective ability to make change happen, together! What you are witnessing currently in the extended Awake and Aware Community, in regards to the proliferation of Shills and Trolls, Alters and Milabs, is only an indication of the overt presence of those who seek to extend disinformation campaigns deep into the subconscious of those who are susceptible to such escapades. While souls of light, individuals of good intention and will abound, it seems that the information which makes the biggest splash in the pond of our collective ease, is that which triggers deeply held beliefs that challenges some of the most integral aspects of our understanding of the world as it is. What I'm saying, is that things are changing! And that you are the change-agents who will be at the forefront of this shift!

    Who knows how it will happen? Will it be a single event or multiple series of events? Will it be cataclysmic or gradual? Will there be traumatic blood sacrifice or compassionate human caretaking? Those who cleave unto either side of these questions are welcome to share their views, beliefs, opinions and thoughts on these matters, and more. We expect vibrant and challenging discussion, and welcome the diverse array of perspectives that makes this community what it is, a collective expressing a significant proportion of the many realms of informed opinion that are currently out there!

    The forum has been rolled out for your perusal, but there is more coming. I will not get into the details of that right now, but rest assured that these are exciting times and this will become an even more exciting place to be in the months to come! As just a hint, let me ask you each to think about your own, personal contribution to the awakening process and what you can do to make the world a better place. I'm not talking about some pie-in-the-sky idealistic dream. I'm talking about practicality! What are your skillsets and how can you leverage them in the making of a better world?

    Keep your answer in mind and, as soon as possible, we'll see what we can do to make your practical dreams come true!

    Be well, be blessed and enjoy your time here at Eye-Rise, as we engage and co-create the Experience of the Human Awakening!

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