• Do not judge, the Homeless

    Ben Holmes
    This is me and a man who sleeps on the streets of Preston. He'd prefer to remain anonymous (so I'll call him Bill) but his dog Tia didn't mind being identified.

    When I walked past Bill and Tia today on the high street I stopped and asked if they were hungry and fancied having a subway with me.
    Bill said that they'd love one, but only if it wasn't too much trouble.

    After picking us up a couple of sandwiches and cokes I sat down with Bill and asked him about himself.
    Bill is in his thirties and Tia is 12 and going a bit blind.
    Bill explained that up until a year ago he'd had a house and a job and a mortgage. But when he lost his job and his girlfriend he had no family to turn to, so wound up sleeping on the street.

    Bill described that the worst thing about being homeless isn't the cold or the hunger, it's that most people who walk past him look down on him as though it's his fault and he chose to live like this. He told me that people don't realise that they're just a bit of bad luck and couple of missed mortgage repayments away from being that person sat on the street asking passers by for help.

    So don't just read this post and forget about it, next time you see someone struggling for the basic things you take for granted don't look down in them, help them out.
    If we all stopped judging and helped a little, people like Bill and his dog Tia wouldn't have to feel hungry and alone.

    Good man, people also miss that the bias in re-homing persons such as this gentlemen tends to be skewed towards those with addictions, making it even harder to escape the clutches of homelessness.