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  1. Infiltration into Ufology - Documentary Preview - Dark Journalist & Bill Ryan

  2. Ufological Deceptions: Bill Ryan, Psyops, and Project Avalon's Chosen Ones

    Most people in 'The Alternative Community' first heard about Bill Ryan when the Project Serpo hoax was being drip-fed to a UFO email discussion group as a True Story. Project Serpo was a supposed Government Intelligence Leak about a secret exchange program of Aliens and Humans between the U.S. and the home planet of an Alien that crashed at Roswell ... or something like that ... because much like The Wingmakers hoax, Serpo has been changed and co-opted by many persons, and is still presented as ...
  3. Who Really was Medusa, The Gorgons and the Amazon Women

    I first started a thread here:

    and then noticed a question about Medusa in the Ruiner's thread here:

    So thought, for those who might be interested, to share the information I've pulled together from various sources that do show who Medusa may really have been, and evidence to support ...

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